Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today I was worthless

So today I basically got nothing productive done.  For those of you who have migraines, you will know just what I'm talking about.  I walked around the house for awhile, sat down at my sewing table (otherwise known as our dining room table), and then took some medication and went to bed.  I am hoping that tomorrow will be a more productive day!  I have managed to learn a bit more about how to maneuver around this whole blog thing, though.  Good evening to all!


  1. oh no, I for sure know how you feel. at least you don't have to worry about making it into work

  2. sorry to hear you had a migraine. My 17 year old daughter has been getting them since she was 6. That is part of the reason we Homeschool now. She just can not think or do a thing the days it hits. I hope your feeling better soon!

    Ann Flowers

  3. I hope the migraine is gone now. I've been fortunate not to ever have them but my one daughter does get them periodically and I see how sick it makes her until it goes away.