Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Purses, Totes, Bags...whatever you want to call them

My mom sewed all our clothes, and even some of my maternity clothes and my daughters' clothes when they were young. I learned how to sew at an early age, but never really got into it for fun until about a year and a half ago, when I decided to make a quilt for my new granddaughter. I'll post pics of that later; it is my biggest accomplishment! I have been making bags for members of my family, and I love it! I went online and picked out fabrics with specific people in mind, then designed the pattern accordingly. I have never followed a pattern, most of them I find too complicated, or I don't know the terminology, so I just "play it by ear". Can you "sew by ear"...or maybe I just "eyeball" it, as my mom would say. At any rate, here is my first bag, I'll post the others I made for Christmas gifts...and I will soon be making more!


  1. You and Tonya make a good pair.....not tending to follow patterns!!! LOL (You both do a great job, though.)