Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another purse

Well, ya just never know...I made a purse for my mom a few weeks ago, and when I posted the pics on Facebook, I immediately got two orders for the same purse.  I found this amusing, because when I ordered this material, I thought "no one but my mom could like this".  Mom's taste is a bit eccentric, but hey, so is mine!  Anyway, when I told mom, she was less than pleased, saying that she thought she was getting an original, and she didn't want everyone having a purse like hers.  So after these two, this fabric will have to be retired, LOL.  I did change this one up a little, with a different color lining, and a button/snap closure.  So here is a pic of the newest one.


  1. Very cute. My daughter loves all things different. She always looks for the strange shaped or colorful bags.

    One time after a garage sale she came home with a pair of bright pink shiny plastic pants that had orange stripes on them. They were a WOW what is that for pair. She wore them till she grew out of them. She still at 17 talks about how much she loved those pants. LOL

    Your fabric Choice is fantastic, love the vivid birds and colors.

    Great job on the purse!

    Ann Flowers

  2. Thank you so much, Ann! My middle daughter Ashley is exactly the same way!